Stacy Pezzola & Stephen Moorhead

Our First Date

11/30/11 – Good Dog Bar

After a month or so of interaction on eHarmony, we decided to take the big step and meet (This was Steve’s first date from there). We both love beer and good food and I had never been to the Good Dog so that’s where it was decided. We ate, drank and were merry, and before we knew it, it was time for me (Stacy) to catch the last train of the night home. Success!

That upcoming weekend I had plans to celebrate my birthday in AC doing the "Running of the Santas" with a bunch of friends but one by one people were unable to make it, and it was just going to be me and my 2 married friends (Ken and Kerri). I wasn't sure if it would be weird/too soon to invite Steve after only having hung out once, but I decided what the heck and I did it. We ate, drank and were merry once again! On Dec. 10, 2011, he told me to check my phone because I had a request. He had requested to be in a relationship and from then on we were Facebook official! The rest is history.

The Proposal

12/31/14 – Race Street Pier, Penns Landing

I am captian oblivious. We had been so busy for the past year it felt like that as NYE rolled around I didn’t really feel like planning anything besides sitting on my couch with a beer or two. Steve sent me a text that he had found a really good deal on a hotel in Philly for NYE and decided to book it. I said ok thinking "oh how cute, Steve misses Philly already and wants to go back for a night." Little did I know that he had a plan up his sleeve. Christmas day he had the talk with my Dad and asked him permission to marry me. My parents had to keep that a secret a whole week and did it successfully!

The day rolled around and we just went on OpenTable to see what reasonable restaurants had seating and agreed on Smokin' Betty's. We had a nice dinner then wandered over to the Race St. Pub for some drinks to wait it out until the fireworks. Just before midnight we wandered our way down to the Race Street Pier but some unexpected extra foot traffic caused us to make it just a bit late. Me being me, I decided to try and take pictures of the fireworks and as I tured back around, there was Steve reaching into his pocket and trying to get to one knee quickly. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I just kept repeating "Is this really happening?!??!" and of course said yes! And then some random strangers were nice enough to snap the picture to the right.